Spanish Women Dating

Best Sites To Find Spanish Women
Have you watched Spanish women dancing or heard how sweetly they sing? Or maybe a friend told you how he met a passionate Spanish girlfriend? No matter how you`ve got the idea of dating a Spanish woman, you`ve made a perfect choice. Opening this article was another perfect choice of yours – we have everything you wanted to know about Spanish women. This little guide will lead you through every step of dating, starting with meeting the one, getting to know her, dating, and even having a family life together. Let`s start!

Spanish Woman Characteristics

Let us remind you why we all love Spanish women so much. Maybe you will even find some new traits you have never taken into consideration, and it will make you want to find a Spanish woman even more.


There is no urge to argue whether Spanish women are beautiful or not. The whole world expressed their high interest in Spanish beauty standards. So what are those standards exactly?

  • olive silky skin
  • luxuriant dark hair
  • big dark eyes with shiny sparks in them
  • thick lips
  • unforgettable curves

Spanish Women DatingHotness

Spanish women don`t only have unforgettable curves but know how to use them as well. After you see the bewitching movements of her hips and a gracious wave of hand it is quite impossible to take your eyes off of her body.


The most recent studies show that Spaniards prefer love to be passionate. They believe that it is all about great intimacy and strong physical attraction. Being with a Spanish lady means that your love life will never get boring. But honestly, no researches or studies are needed when it comes to evaluating how passionate Spanish women are – you will know everything by the way she looks at you. That look is the one you will dream about at the lonely nights.


Spanish women love energetic and adventurous people because they are the same. They are always up to something, ready to try new sports out or visit new places. It is about getting a new experience. Dating a foreigner seems to be a great new experience as well.

Family Comes First

Even though they are adventurous, it doesn`t mean that they can`t settle in one place. The situation is completely the opposite – they have noticeably strong family values. It means that they will never cheat on you – once you have become her partner, you are the only one and the most perfect one. Other men are simply not a match to her loved one.

Perfect Housewives, Perfect Mothers

The knowledge of how to take care of everything is in her blood. Having a Spanish woman as a wife guarantees you the best food (all the Spaniards are big good food fans – what else are you supposed to do during fiesta?), clean and shiny home, soigne children, and happy and loved you. This list can go on and on, and on… Because Spanish women are really that great. But let us keep their secrets – your journey of getting to know a Spanish lady will get much more interesting.

Where to Meet Spanish Girls?

There are a lot of possibilities to meet Spanish women both online and in real life. We suppose it is better to start from real-life meeting points because the possibilities here are not so numerous.

So finding a date here doesn`t differ that much from other European countries. The most popular places are:

Bars and Night Clubs

It is an obvious choice. People go there either to get drunk or meet someone. By the way, Barcelona has an incredibly rich nightlife and you can find hundreds of singles at the clubs.

Coffee Shops and Malls

If you think that good and loyal women don`t do clubs and peacefully sleep at home, you can look for someone in the coffee shops and shopping centers. It is the best daylight option.


You can always find someone there and check out her curves immediately because nothing can be hidden under the bikini, right?

But it can occur that the girl you like is already taken or isn`t looking for a relationship right now. In that case, a little bit of embarrassment and drop of self-esteem aren`t exactly the things we can save you from. But you can change the way you meet the girls – do it online!

We prefer this method rather than any other. Online dating sites guarantee you that all the women who visit them are interested in the relationship. Besides, you can check out not only her looks but preferences, hobbies, personality, views. etc as well.

Best Online Dating Sites to Meet a Spanish Girl

We did some research in order to find the truly best sites for this guide. Thousands of reviews were read, hundreds of sites were tested, dozens were used to find our own beauties. As a final result, we have prepared top-3 of the online dating sites.


The first prize goes, without doubts, to this international site. It has everything you need for the best online dating experience, as follows:

Many Singles Spanish Women

There you can surely find a girl that meets all of your criteria. No matter how high your standards are – LoverWhirl will find your one and only.

Good Reputation

The site has been providing its service for an impressive amount of time. They managed to bring thousands of loving couples together, regularly update the data to keep up with the new tendencies in the online dating world and attract hundreds of new visitors weekly.

Easiness of Use

The interface, registration process, a search, and connecting with the girl you like aren’t the problem when it comes to LoverWhirl. The team of the site made sure that the only problem you face during the usage is losing your heart here.


Online dating sites aren`t considered to be the safest places in the world. People are usually afraid to share their personal information or don`t trust payment systems. However, LoverWhirl isn`t the case. The 128bit SSL encryption takes care of your online security, and payments are verified by Visa and Mastercard Secure Code.


If any question or inconvenience occurs you can always contact the support – they are here for you 24/7.

It is a great dating site if you are looking for a soulmate. Why? Because everyone who registers on the site should make it through a variety of so-called psychological tests. That is how your profile is formed and search tools will get the idea of what and who you are looking for.  That means that you will match only with singles who are not only beautiful but are a match to your soul as well. However, some people may find these tests tiresome, that is why has got second place


Good old Tinder is always a way to go. Most of the services like creating an account, messaging, sharing contacts are free and many people like it there. However, it lacks searching tools and a variety of communication tools as the other two sites have. But it has got into the top of ours due to its free membership.

Spanish Girl Dating Tips

This section is for those lucky people who have already found a girl they want to date. There is a thing about international dating  – you should take the intercultural aspect into account. We have prepared some tips and things you should expect while dating a Spanish girl.

Be a Man

In Spain, a man is the first one to make a move. It is a rule you`d better follow. Otherwise, don`t expect to have a love life at all. This point is also about being a gentleman – open the door, let her go first, pull back her chair, etc. Remember all the lessons your mom taught you when you were young. If you think it is too old-fashioned, maybe you should try dating a woman of the other nationality.


Spanish women are quick to temper but don`t worry or be surprised – it is just a part of her you should accept. She will calm herself down in a minute anyway. And besides, all the good things about her are totally worth it.

Being Late Is a Norm

Actually, it is just the way she says that she cares about you so much that she spent hours preparing for a date. However, it differs from a girl to a girl – some may come even earlier and some women should be waited for.

Accept Her Family

A family is an essential part of a Spanish woman`s life. She loves every member of her family no matter how crazy they are. She realizes that they are not the best people, but she is still full of respect towards him. So it is better if you don`t say bad things about them. However, you can meet the girl with the perfect parents and we genuinely hope you`ll get that one.

It was everything you needed to know about dating a Spanish woman. We wish you a pleasant dating experience and lots of fun.