European Women vs. American Women

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Regardless of nationality or social status, a woman always remains a woman: beautiful, well-groomed, erudite, and pleasant in character and manners. Due to the certain mentality of each country, Europeans and Americans differ from each other. Differences in culture, upbringing, and lifestyle affect the formation of the personality of European and American girls. Some differences in American vs. European women are strikingly noticeable. Each of these nations has some best features to take while marrying mail-order brides.

Differences in European vs. American Women


European ladies can put on makeup and choose an outfit for a very long time. In America, women are much more natural in their appearance. The difference between European vs. American girls is that they are more restrained in their clothing style and use less decorative cosmetics in comparison to European ladies. The women sometimes get carried away and overdo it with beauty guidance.

Few have not seen the notorious fishnet tights or leopard print on the streets of a European country. But among US women, moderation in appearance sometimes develops into complete acceptance of naturalness. To meet amazing ladies from Europe, choose dating portals, and start flirting today. Any online relationship and simple dating is a good start.

American Girls


America is almost the ancestor, the birthplace and cradle of the modern movement of female feminism. Just imagine, do you often meet feminists among European women? In countries like Italy or Germany? In America, you will meet them everywhere. The difference between American vs. European girls is in a small paradox since glorious European women fight for their rights.

A European is pretty self-sufficient in relationships. They will lull the children to sleep, then rush to the store, rush back with string bags. Apart from that, she will take some work herself at home. And if the sink is clogged, then a European will also clean it herself. Whether it is the case in America, where women believe that a man fulfills his functions to a greater extent than is typical of European countries. Many cuties from America believe that all men are obsessed with love and eager to see them as lovers. The USA ladies always know how to defend their rights. If you want just such a young lady, sign up on reliable dating sites.

Career and Study

Females from the US are born careerists, unlike European girls. The image of true American women vs. European women is a businesswoman who stubbornly strives to rise as high as possible on the career ladder. It is rare for US people to neglect a decent education or exchange it for a family.

Iron business acumen, desire to achieve success, perseverance, and hard work distinguishes Americans from European girls who most often choose the status of wife and mother. It’s just that on the scales of priorities. The career outweighs. In contrast, many European girls do not even consider it necessary to get a higher education, being content with school knowledge all their lives. Dating ladies from the USA is a great pleasure while dating online. Check the most active profiles to make a new date with charming singles.

Family & Relationships

Very often, girls from Europe jump out to get married immediately after school. They sit for years on maternity leave, giving birth to children one by one. European ladies are sure that the true purpose of a European girl is to get married, give birth, and be the keeper of the family hearth. Sometimes it doesn’t matter at all who to marry. The main thing for any European is to get married until 30 years old.

US women are more judicious when it comes to starting a family. Often, local ladies tie the knot after 30 years. Even forty-year-old girlfriends can make great spouses. In Eastern Europe, at this age, you can already become a grandmother. Americans make their families later, improve their careers and self-development. They work hard to pay the housekeeper and order the services of a babysitter.

Freedom of Morals

American men who have had relationships with girls of both nationalities have observed that the US girls are more liberated in all respects. They treat sex much easier than European girls who believe that after that, every decent man is obliged to marry.

In general, Americans are easier to communicate with. Local girls can even support some exclusively male topics. The girls of the States act as they see fit. Russian females filter each of their actions through the prism of “What will people say?”


Americans are much more confident than European girls. They also encounter such things as domestic violence, but for them, this is rather a rare exception. American ladies expect and receive real respect from society and men.

Imagine that you are visiting a cinema in a European country. If someone speaks loudly or giggles, then everyone will feel uncomfortable but usually remain silent. In America, no one hesitates to say, “Hey, quiet, I’m watching a movie here, don’t bother me!” And it’s still cool because, with such confidence and such frankness, you can go far. If you want to find a wife in Europe, choose the right country and the best dating service.

Life Above All

In America, ladies value life above all. European girls are more prone to self-sacrifice than American women. In Europe, it is very easy to imagine a situation when a man is a complete goon. While he is drinking beer in front of the TV, she cooks for him. Meanwhile, she tries to find a job and ring employers herself so that at least someone would take him to an interview. Her little sons grow up, and she raises them all her life and takes care of them. Then these little sons grow up to be the same goofs, watch TV with beer from morning to evening, but they are looked after and helped.

When you turn 18, you are a free and adult person. If the husband is a bum and nonentity, the American girl makes decisions correctly. She becomes happy after the attempt to be a wife. Later she chooses to be free and confident. Such an iron lady may already be waiting for you on one of the available dating sites in your area. If you want to find wife in America, consider the best factors and qualities she has.

Why Do Men Choose European Mail-Order Brides?

True Realists

European women have a realistic view of life. They themselves provide such a life at the desired level. Practically, no European mail order bride harbors wonderful illusions to meet a unique spouse from America. Even married to a wealthy American man, European women are equal partners. Moreover, European women for marriage do their best for a successful marriage.

Early Independence

When dating European women, be ready to gain her early independence. For amazing European brides studying law or economics, it is a good idea to earn extra money as a part-time job, for example, as a waitress in a cafe. The independent side of European girls is something that their American husbands can be proud of.

Late Marriage Is Better Than Early

In Europe, no one is in a hurry to get married. The best age for European girls for marriage is 26-28. Such girls are very suitable for Americans because they admire sitting girls. If a bride is self-sufficient and financially independent, a man can also rely on her as a lifesaver. European ladies can thoroughly and carefully choose a man with whom they will feel pretty good.

Why Do Foreigners Prefer American Mail-Order Brides?

Gorgeous Lovers

American women are confident and gorgeous in bed. This is a great option for men who appreciate these feminine qualities. Some Americans claim that any American mail order bride is just as passionate as the European bride. American women are much more accustomed to flirting and being sexy than many women in Europe. The best thing about dating American women is her true New York spirit: the idea that she can do anything, anytime, putting herself first.

American Girls For Marriage Are Funnier

Foreigners love the local ladies because they take a lot of things too easily. They do what they like and do not care what others think of them. American girls vs. European girls can make a good joke. Many women in Europe are trying to improve the conversation with their new chosen one in all possible ways.

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Why are European and American Women So Beautiful?

The girls of these two beautiful nations have an extraordinary appearance. Europeans are more well-groomed, but American ladies prefer to remain natural. Foreign men like American women for marriage as their peculiar image and simplicity of style looks great.

How Much Do European and American Brides Cost?

How much you spend on a mail-order bride also depends on which girl you are dating. The average cost is $2,000 a month. You can also spend as little as $50 a month if your girlfriend prefers an emotional connection over additional items like gifts.

Where to Get European And American Brides?

To find a mail order wife, you can contact any international marriage agency or dating site. Accordingly, marriage specialists will be able to select the best candidate for you.