Italian Women vs. Spanish Women – Dainty Marriage Relationships 

Many people living in America are interested in the life of singles from such famous countries as Spain and Italy. These are two stunning warm countries where pretty and courageous Spanish and Italian pretties live. Such ladies are different from American and Asian beauties. They attract foreign men with their passion and femininity. One has only to start even an online relationship with any Spanish or Italian woman, there is a desire to find a relationship in reality.

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The great interest of foreign bachelors can be seen in adorable Spanish women vs. Italian women. Any gentleman considers the life of an ordinary Western lady to be something mysterious and surrounded by a mass of stereotypes. Most American female singles are not much dedicated to marriage life. Spanish, along with girls from Italy, are eager to meet someone kindly to make a perfect marriage union. Therefore, this portrait of the average Western European lady was compiled. Meet decent European singles sign up on the most reliable dating portals.

Best Reasons To Date Spanish Girls vs. Italian Girls

Unbroken Independence

Girls from Western Europe, including Spanish or passionate Italians, are huge connoisseurs of their independence in all its forms. This feeling is instilled in Spanish vs. Italian women from a young age. This irreplaceable feeling follows Italian vs. Spanish women throughout their lives. They are taught to assess their lives and their capabilities sensibly, set and achieve desired goals, achieve excessive success, and develop latent abilities of self-knowledge. At the same time, a Spanish girl chooses a great profession.

In Western Europe, young Italians and Spanish women are looking for opportunities to earn a living themselves. At a young age, Italian girls vs. Spanish girls have a part-time job or a full-time job, rent a separate apartment or a room in a hostel. Spaniards and Italians achieve everything on their own. They create their amazing life expecting something unusual.

When dating Spanish women, they take responsibility on their own in a relationship, unlike Italians or American pretties. Their upbringing inspired them that there is something more common for a woman without dependence on a husband. Spaniards choose best life partners, referring to the solvency and determination of a young husband.

When Americans wait for the marriage until 30, Spaniards and Italian women want to start a serious relationship earlier. European wives become really happy after marriage. These are the very partners with whom it is easy and delightful to live.

hot Spanish Woman

Love of Freedom

Any Western European woman dreams of solitude. It becomes easy for her to accept her thoughts and listen to her inner voice. Thus, she thinks about whether she should get involved in romantic relationships or love adventures. A lady from Spain is more freedom-loving than a girl from Italy.

Women from Spain and Italy can be free in many ways. First of all, they are free from impractical moments. Spanish girls choose an outfit and cosmetics for some minutes. They wear clothes and shoes in which they will feel comfortable. Spanish show their sincere actions towards other people. Spaniards, along with the Italians, are not in the “low-start position. Spanish live in order to improve themselves.

No Complexes

A very small percentage of Spanish spend money on clothes, have some dependence on diets, and proper nutrition. Among Europeans, there is no such general desire for ideal forms and appearance. Still, some of them manage to eat healthily. They do this not to become beautiful for the sake of others but to stay healthy and happy. American ladies try to act without complexes but still, European ladies do it more correctly.

The Sense of Work

Spanish and Italian ladies can not imagine life without their favorite work. They have the opportunity to choose the job that will be to their liking since childhood. Already in adolescence, thanks to an excellent education system and a high level of self-awareness, Spanish have an idea of ​​what they will do in the future. Italian, in turn, are not afraid of the thought that they would like to become when they grow up. European females strive to achieve equal working conditions with men by all means.

Working for European ladies is not only a way to make a living. The place of work is a position in society, her meaning of life, a way to develop and realize her best opportunities. Sitting at home and playing the role of cook and cleaning lady is bad form for any Spanish lady.

Even after the birth of a child, the Spanish find an opportunity to return to their workplace as soon as possible. She does not want to lose the opportunity to live life to the fullest, not to degrade, and not turn into a domestic servant. Most often, the question of who will play and sit with the baby is solved by equally sharing time with a partner. Meet adorable Spanish singles on dating sites and start online communication. They will tell you a lot about themselves.

Why Do Foreigners Like Spanish Mail-Order Brides?

Spanish beauties stand out against Italian ladies. Italian are pretty modest. Spanish mail order bride is more sophisticated, elegant, and open when dating a man.

Dating Spanish women, you will see a good, decisive character. The thought often comes to mind about their inaccessibility and the desire to be independent. In Spain, anyone rarely strives to build a serious relationship at an early age. Local ladies enjoy youth quite dissolutely in the good sense of the word.

In comparison to relationships with Americans, Spanish women for marriage have the great opportunity to have fun with no serious intentions. American ladies rely on their self-freedom. A one-off relationship can find Spanish passionate temptresses on marriage and dating sites. Gifts, flowers, a romantic dinner…All this will produce such an impression on beautiful European lovers. Speaking about American girls, they can be rarely impressed with romantic events. All in all, Spanish brides are the best option for any American single.

Italian Mail-Order Brides Are No Less Attractive

Unlike Americans, Italian brides are hot-tempered and emotional creatures. A mysterious look, passionate gestures, loud screams, broken plates are all about Italians. When dating Italian women, they always show her expressiveness. In addition to their temper and emotionality, they are also very theatrical. They like to play a role in public.

According to statistical studies of recent years, residents of Italy give birth less and less often make a career, but they do more housework than American females. Life expectancy, the level of medical care, and the frequency of amorous affairs among the fairer sex in Italy are much higher than among other European females. Seeking a husband online, an Italian mail order bride is getting ready to make family relationships if she likes an American gentleman.

Mostly, Italian women for marriage dress the best in the world. All Americans notice the delicate taste and sharp sense of style of local ladies. Local women have the desire to look stylish. This fact has long turned into a real mania. If an American man is ready to be next to such an emotional lady, he can find wife in Italy through reliable matrimonial services.

Differences In Spanish vs. Italian Women

Appearance & Body

When we think of Spanish beauty, the image of a spectacular playful brunette with large brown eyes, beautiful dark skin, with a golden tan comes to mind. The charming appearance of Spanish girls for marriage is mesmerizing at first sight. They may seem unapproachable, which in itself attracts foreign gentlemen. Meet perfect partners through online dating communities to get the desired results.

In terms of appearance, the difference between Spanish vs. Italian girls is the casual style. Hot Spanish woman’s haircut is a real work of art. Their hair is long and thick. Blonde women are a rarity in Spain. Young Spanish women are often plump due to national characteristics. They have thick hips and a wide pelvis. Their waists are practically absent. Spanish girls are short. They have big butts and breasts.

Additionally, the difference in Spanish vs. Italian women is that the Italian lady is of medium height, dizzying body shape, an attractive stand, rounded hips. Italians have black hair and dark eyes, a cheerful and playful character. Their pronounced maternal instinct cannot but please foreign men.

beauty sexy Italian Woman

Family & Relationship

Spanish girls often get married and have children after 30 years. So when you meet a local, you don’t have to worry about her plans for you. She prefers to get married as late as possible. This serves as the difference between Italian vs. Spanish girls in terms of a marriage union.

In turn, the differences in Italian vs. Spanish women is that ladies from Italy strive to create a family earlier. Italian girls for marriage adore children and enjoy motherhood. However, Italians do not forget that they are wives. It is not uncommon to see parents holding hands and hugging while walking with their children.


If you want fleeting passionate relationships, find wife in Spain. When it comes to something a little more serious, you can find wife in Italy. Each woman is beautiful in her own way, but this does not prevent you from making the final choice. Any woman, either American or European, wants to be happy in married life. Modern dating sites will help you find a worthy spouse.


Can I Marry a Spanish and Italian Girl?

If you liked each other and turned to a marriage agency in time, you will find real happiness. European brides are very temperamental and selectively make choices on their future spouses.

At What Age Can You Get Married In Spain And Italy?

With parental consent and court permission, girls can marry a man at the age of 16. Upon reaching the age of 18, each citizen has the right to marry of one’s own free will.

Where To Meet Spanish and Italian Girls?

There are many useful dating portals. Choose the best online platform to start a chat and meet attractive single girls.

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