Spanish Dating Culture

Best Sites To Find Spanish Women
Due to the fact of the fast development of the Internet, we have got a magical variety of opportunities to contact and get to know people from other countries. Many of us are looking for friends abroad, but the latest and, as we personally think, the coolest trend is international dating. It is a perfect way to experience another culture to the fullest, get even more acquaintances because your lover`s friends are your friends and to see the secret home-like places that tourists know nothing about.

If you ever thought about visiting Spain, having a Spanish girlfriend will make your trip much more exciting and wholesome. It is not only that she will be your perfect guide. Spanish women are so great that we don`t think there is a suitable word to describe it. They are known for their beauty: rich dark hair, deep brown eyes, full lips, olive skin, and these curves! These curves are not something you can get out of your mind so easily. But only a few people know what a great wife material they are. Spanish women are:

  • adventurous
  • funny
  • make perfect mothers
  • great cooks
  • loyal
  • passionate

All these traits attract men so you need to watch out! If you haven`t thought about getting married ever in your life, you can easily find yourself thinking about that after meeting a Spanish woman.

International dating, however, means different cultures and traditions. So it`s not only different languages but new dating rules as well. Something that seems pretty normal to you can scare her and some typical and routine things of her make you crazy. To avoid any cultural misunderstandings, we`ve prepared a small guide about how dating in Spanish culture looks like and some tips about dating a Spanish woman.

Spanish Dating

Where to Meet Spanish Women

Before dating a Spanish woman, you need to find a Spanish woman. It is not like they are hiding from you, but it is always good to know the spots that Spanish singles visit more than often.


  • bars and clubs
  • coffee shops
  • shopping centers
  • beaches!

Dating Sites

  • RomanceTale
  • LoverWhirl
  • Tinder
  • Badoo

Perfect Date Ideas in Spain

Every country has some traditional dating spots that are a little bit cheesy but everyone loves them anyway. You are not obliged to follow every single advice, you can even show bits of your dating culture, but if you run out of ideas you can try the following ones:


Remember when we told you that you are not obliged to follow this list? Maybe we lied. Having a beach date is a must in Spain. Even if you are not the one who suggests it, sooner or later your Spanish girlfriend will drag you there no matter how much you try to avoid it. Taking into account the fact that Spain has one of the most beautiful beaches in the world, it is not a big deal. You can make a picnic, eat ice-cream and do some very romantical stargazing in the evening. See, it is a typical date with a not so typical place!

Rooftop Bar

It is fancy, it is extremely beautiful, it is romantic. Sounds like a perfect date, huh? Rooftop bars are very relaxed and are perfect to meet someone after a long working day.  A couple of cocktails, good music, amazing view and even more amazing Spaniard beside you are the things that make you believe that life is beautiful and it is all worth it.


Of course, it is all about great Spanish food. You can drink some heavenly wine here as well. You can experience sharing is caring concept and get closer to your date physically. We mean, not slipping your hands in her panties kind of getting closer, but just sitting closer to her, because tapas bars are usually full of people. However, it doesn`t make it noisy or uncomfortable.

Spanish Dating Customs

It is probably the piece of article you have waited for the most. Dating rules in Spain may seem odd to you, you can even get the idea that Spanish women are a little bit crazy but, honestly, these Spaniards are so good that their quirks are worth dealing with. Without any other delays let`s dive deep into Spanish dating culture.

She Will Be Late

You came ten minutes earlier but she texted (or didn`t even bother to do that) that she will be a little bit late? It is a normal situation. You just have to get used to it. A Spanish woman takes a lot to get prepared to date and even if she tries to make it on time, her friends will make fun of her for being too desperate. And by the way, I`ll be late a little bit usually means 30 minutes or so, so we advise you to bring your patience along.

She Is Hot-Tempered

Let`s imagine a situation – you are casually eating, everything goes as smoothly as possible, and then you`ve said something not very correct but it doesn`t seem that bad to you. And she starts arguing like you cursed the whole family of hers. Don`t get scared. It is okay for Spanish women. She will calm herself down really quickly, you just have to survive a minute or two of the storm. Everything will get to normal within a very small amount of time. Well, that is what you pay for the passionate woman. She is passionate in the bedroom and just as passionate about arguing.

Family Means a Lot

So it wasn`t accidentally that we have chosen a family curse as the worst insult ever. Spanish women really respect and love their family because they are her blood, people who gave her everything she has now and her biggest support. So it is not a surprise that she will get really offended and maybe won`t speak to you ever again if you say something bad about her family. However, Spaniards are usually very good, nice and friendly people and we hope you will get the girlfriend with the perfect family members.

Being a Gentleman Is Still a Thing

If you think that being a gentleman is not cool then you should probably forget about dating a Spanish girl. They expect you to be all manly – open the door, let them in first, not interrupt them when they are excited about telling you something and paying for the evening as well. It is the usual thing that men pay and Spaniards get even offended when the girlfriend suggests splitting the bill. So Spanish girls don`t know that it can be different. Our advice is easy – revise all the etiquette stuff and she will be the happiest girl ever.

Communication Is a Key

That rule applies to basically every relationship but Spanish women took t to the whole new level. It is great to share your feelings, share your thoughts, and you are encouraged to text and call her as frequently as possible. You won`t be judged or considered to be clingy. The situation is exactly the opposite – it shows what a caring person you are, and you can be totally sure that she will contact you much more often than you do. If you ignore her messages or don`t call her for the whole day – be ready for a big fight or even a breakup.


That was basically everything you needed to know about dating culture in Spain. Even if it seems like a hard thing, dating a Spaniard has a lot more advantages than disadvantages. So just let her be the way she is and you will stop noticing it after a couple of dates. The amount of happiness, however, will be overwhelming.